I'm the Cold Tea Conoisseur, also known as Hayley or 'Mum'.

I'm often found wrangling my small boys in and around South Wales. They are my world and  the reason behind the cups of cold tea. My way of parenting is influenced by a mixture of my family, my culture and my neurotype. You see, I'm an autistic mother. Not to be confused with an Autism Parent, who are (often) neurotypical people with autistic broods. 

My husband and I were both diagnosed with Asperger's (autism) just as our journey to parenthood began. This blog is here to keep all the articles that are inspired by this convergence, as well as resources I've designed for public and education usage. As well as being a Mum I'm a part-time writer, a carer and a qualified lecturer. I'm also Level 27 in Pokemon Go, but I don't want to overwhelm you with greatness just yet.

As of 2017 I've been a student of Swansea University's MSc Autism and Related Conditions, enabling me to research personal passions of mine including the experience of pregnancy, birth and pain through the prism of autism. I also have a fascination with protodeclarative gestures as a measurement of Theory of Mind. Due to my undergrad degree in language studies I have many questions about the language 'deficiencies' assessed in the autistic population.

I'm available for talks on these issues and more in a personal capacity and welcome any emails to hayleymorgan_aut@outlook.com

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