Autistic Pregnancy- My Story.

July 20, 2017

As you may have read in my last post, I was lucky enough to have some of my writing featured in the women's magazine 'The M Word'. The first article, a 600-word piece on being an autistic mother, was well-received and garnered the warmest of responses from readers.


The following article was focused on how I experienced pregnancy as an autistic woman. Some people may say, 'surely you don't experience pregnancy differently because you're autistic? All our bodies work the same way!'


You'd be quite wrong there. My autistic wiring is a sensitive and fine-tuned machine that meant soon after conception I was aware of the life that had started in my body. It makes sense, my ears can hear things others can't.... so why wouldn't I feel the changes so soon after conception?


Another interesting facet of autistic pregnancy is the presence and role of hyper-empathy. In my case, even a glancing look at someone suffering and I feel it in my core. When pregnant, I would experience this when my husband had migraines, my release of empathy meant oxytocin came along and would trigger my let-down reflex. Many a migraine sympathy led to having to change tops.


This is just a small difference, I hope to touch on more eventually. But for now, here's my article:



The M Word - I'm Autistic and Pregnant


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