Autistic Women and Drag Queens

I fell in love with drag queens at a young age. I used to watch Lily Savage's stand-up as a child before I knew what half the laughs were about, because her dry humour comforted me. I was brought up in a family of mostly women. Dry-witted, body-confident, Feminist, smart women. And a LOT were glamorous hairdressers. So the drag queen ethos really feels familiar to me. When I discovered Drag Race I then fell in love with the beauty side and the camaraderie. But what I've come to realise is that drag queens and autistic women have some things in common. It may explain why I've watched all 9 seasons numerous times over. Drag queens view culture from the outside, they take the clichéd characteristics of what society tells women are 'assigned' to them, and well... drags them. Tears them up, holds up a mirror to these stereotypes under a spotlight. Sometimes mockingly, sometimes more beautifully than all the 90s supermodels combined. But always knowingly and rehearsed. That's what resonates with me as an autistic woman who has masked, imitated, exaggerated and mocked for years. 

Sometimes I want to be beautiful like Valentina, my humour is a great weapon like Bianca's, I have a dark side like Sharon and I love to SANG to soul music like Latrice. Like Mama Ru says, "We're all born naked and the rest is drag." 

Meet the Cold Tea Connoisseur...

My name's Hayley, or 'Mum'...

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