Autism Advocate Training: FREE Ice Breaker resource!

Requirements: groups between 2-4 are recommended although larger groups can work.


  1. Ask a group member to stand out of earshot, ideally out of the room.

  1. Quietly decide, as a team, a random action for the chosen person to perform. E.g. 'Switch off second computer' or 'pick up  board marker'.

  2. Ask them to enter the room again but all other participants are to: remain silent, no gesturing with body/hand/eye movements. 

  3. Using the 'hot and cold' method,  the group will clap (without encouragement shown in facial expressions etc) when the person goes in the right direction and only then. If they are in the wrong area, no indication is to be made of this fact.

  4. Using only clapping (one clap if vague direction is correct, lots of clapping if very close or actually touching the right object) direct them over time to complete the action you have decided on.

  5. Once completed, debrief as fully as possible: "How did that make you feel? What was it like not knowing what people meant? How did it feel knowing you had to do something but not knowing what?".

  6. Link to testimonies from autistic people where possible. How could you as an individual/business/school help make expectations clearer?

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