Poem: Frozen.

To celebrate the upcoming Festival of Autism at Swansea University, (for more info click here ) where I am completing an MSc, I’ve written a poem.

‘Frozen’ attempts to give insight into the moments when social communication is required but not possible. This recent example was me trying to buy something in Superdrug when the lights, perfume and chatter made me begin to shutdown...


Thrusting the tongue to resuscitate words Like pulling spinach out of the sink Eyes apologetically appealing ‘Fill in the gaps’ Breath gone Not aloof, passive or odd, but an understudy Desperately proving ambivalence Rehearsed in a second language Lamenting my mother tongue Mirror for survival Irretrievable, unwanted decorum lost to the senses Lips rescue the face, protesting synapses Mind screaming expectations Inescapable noisy light Mouth curling passively Forceful air seeks words for an acceptable communion Sacrificing impulses to manifest mutuality Mumbling, makeshift connections Unmasking resisted Play on Eyes narrow to mimic a synthetic smile Restless soul betrayed for now Daily dance of gestures complete Body slumps to a ‘sorry’... ‘Do you have a points card?’

Meet the Cold Tea Connoisseur...

My name's Hayley, or 'Mum'...

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